Monday, July 15, 2013

The Crossroad

As I was sorting the weekly laundry this morning, I grimaced as I saw that there was not one, but TWO loads of hubby's work clothes.  He has been doing some extra work, for a neighbor this past week, and the extra load was evidence of it.  Yuck.
Almost right away, I felt a catch in my spirit.  "At least you have a husband who works hard."  I felt ashamed of my disgruntled thoughts, and immediately thanked God for the blessing of my husband.  He works hard, in the hot sun all day; then was willing to help a neighbor in need.  Are there things I would like to change about him?  LOL! Yes!!  But I'm positive there are things about ME that he would be glad to 'modify', also!!  When I come to the crossroad, I have to redirect my thoughts when they start to go down Grumble Street.  I need to pull them over to Gratitude Ave., to let them bask in the gifts that I have been given.  Do I like to do smelly laundry?  Not exactly...but I DO have clothes that are clean afterward!  It's all in my perspective.

Do you ever come up to the crossroad?  Make a wise choice as to which road you will go down!

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