Saturday, July 20, 2013

Protector of My Head

Marley, our three year old Maltipoo, has a very strange habit.  He loves to lay by my head.  No matter where I am sitting in the living room, he is right by my shoulder, at times resting his head on it.  It is very sweet.  A few months ago, he began to extend this position to nighttime.  He found that he enjoyed laying above my pillow.  It's as if he is guarding my head  He is making sure nothing comes along that will harm me. Day or night, he is as close as he can be, keeping watch.

The other day, I glanced over my shoulder and saw him just looking at me, with love in his little black eyes.  I began to think of how the LORD keeps watch over us.  Psalm 140:7 says, "Sovereign LORD, my strong deliverer, you shield my head in the day of battle."

God is our Faithful Protector.  He is right by our head at all times, guarding it during the battles of life.  His Holy Spirit helps us guard our thoughts and reminds us if those thoughts or actions are not pleasing to the Father.  He doesn't let us face those battles unprotected.  How wonderful that our Father loves us so much to ever leave us alone...and I thank Him that He gives me a little ten pound bundle of fur that reminds me of that Love.

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