Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What Are YOU Full Of?


     Certain things may come to mind, but we won't go there!  I'd like to take a different look at a few common words that have been used to describe people.  What do these words REALLY mean?
     Are you thoughtful?  Full of thought for others. If given a choice between yourself and another person...who would you choose?  Would you automatically think of yourself and what you want, or do you consider the other person, and what they may want...or need?  How about in your conversations?  Do you think before you speak?
     Are you prayerful?  Is your life "full of prayer"?  Do you talk (and listen) to God throughout the day....or do you only give Him a shout out when things aren't going well?  Do you read His Word on a regular basis, or grab your Bible as you go out the door on Sundays?
     Are you thankful?  Do you have a heart full of thanks?  Do you look at what you have, and are grateful for it?  Or do you mostly focus on the things you DON'T have, whining that life is unfair? 
     Are you graceful?  I don't mean are you ballerina material...but do you have a heart full of grace?  Do you realize that all you have is a gift from God?  Or do you think that you have earned all that you have and you deserve every bit of it?
     Are you careful?  Are you full of care about things, or care-less with them?  Do you do your best at work or in school, or do enough to barely get by?
     Are you joyful?  Is your life filled with joy?  If it is not, the Bible tells us that we can obtain that joy. Psalm 16:11 states:  'You will make known to me the path of life; In Your presence is fullness of joy.'  How can we have that??
     Through prayer, the Lord guides us and lets us know the path that He wants us to go down.  The grace of God brings us into His Presence. We cannot be in that Presence if we only call out to Him when we feel like it.  It takes thoughtfulness on our part.  We have to put God first...not our wishes or desires. We have to treat our relationship with God with tender care.  It takes time and effort to keep that relationship alive.  It is then that we can have the fullness of joy.  We can be joyful in hard circumstances, knowing that God is with us through it all.  With thankful hearts we can know that God will never leave us or abandon us.  He is our Fortress and our Shield.
     Jesus says that He came so that we can have Life and have it to the fullest.  Thank you, God!!  Fill me with your Love today!

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