Saturday, May 21, 2011

What Are YOU Looking For?

     Have you ever had one of those mornings?  I had one yesterday.  I got up, ready to do some vacuuming.  As I've stated before, we are staying in my mother-in-law's home.  I found the vacuum the other day, and then found the attachments stored in another closet, due to the lack of space.
     A few days can make a difference with my memory.  I located the bag of attachments, and the seperate carpet attachment.  Question was:  where was the long metal pole they attached to?  I looked all over the place.  I kept going back to the place where I found the bag...all I found was the pole. 
     For hours I looked for them, going over the same closets with a fine tooth comb.  Steve called in the early afternoon to check in.  I asked him if he had seen the metal piece...he said the last time he saw it, it was on the carpet attachment.  "Men are so brainless." I thought.  If it were on the carpet attachment, I would have seen it.  Yeahhhh.......
     I walked over to the attachment...and there, hooked to it....was the long metal pole.  Right in front of my eyes!!!  I had moved that thing a bunch of times!  Because it had a cord attached to it, it looked different...not like what I expected.  Once I looked at it in a new light, it made perfect sense.
     As I was vacuuming, I began to think.  How often do we look for things in our lives.  Many times we waste so much time looking and searching for something that is right in front of our eyes. 
     We look for love, acceptance, peace, or freedom from financial woes. Many times we look for them in the wrong places. While all of these things are important, we can find them all when we find God.  Sure, that's too simplistic, you might think.  God didn't think so.
     Jeremiah 29:13 tells us that "You shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart."  While that sounds pretty can be hard.  It's the all your heart part that can be tricky. Most times we don't want to search with ALL of our hearts...we'd like to keep a section reserved for "ME, MYSELF and I".   God can have the rest...   The Omnicient One knew all about our fickle hearts.  That's why He said "ALL YOUR HEART".  Many times if we are looking for God, and can't find Him, we give up.  Or maybe we don't recognize Him, because we are in an unfamiliar setting or He doesn't look like we expect Him to.  If we look at a situation in a new light, we could find that He's been there all the time, just waiting for us to notice Him.
     I find when I get caught up in the 'Me's", and can't find God anywhere; I need to step aside and give all of my being to the LORD.  Let Him direct me, and lead me, where HE wants me to go.  Then sure enough...He is right there..right in front of my eyes.  Can YOU see Him?

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