Sunday, October 18, 2015

To God Be The Glory

The time is almost here.  In less than 36 hours I'll be in surgery.  People have asked me if I'm ready.  I have to say, "YES!"  I'm ready to get the operation over with; I'm ready to begin the healing process; I'm ready to feel myself again.

At my last visit to the surgeon, we had a talk about the possible risks.  There are quite a few, as in any surgery, but he doesn't expect any major problems.  He reassured me that he wouldn't put me through all of this if he didn't think he could help me. He said that he knew he was the one who would be able to help me.  I told him that  I knew he was the one, without a doubt.  I truly believe God brought me to him, and that he is the one that He chose to bring me healing.  The doctor then told me of three possible ways the surgery could go.  He said he hoped to do the two less extreme options for the reconstruction.  He didn't think they would work, but he didn't know until he opened me up.  If they didn't, then he would have to use part of my small intestine to repair the obstruction.

Last week I was watching a program, and the teacher was talking about the scene in the Gospel of John, in which Jesus was on His way to see His friend Lazarus, who was dying.
Jesus was told that Lazarus' sisters, Martha and Mary, had asked for Him to come because their brother was so sick.  The disciples were surprised because Jesus had decided to stay around for a couple of more days, instead of going to them.  They didn't understand because Jesus loved Lazarus and his sisters.  They were very good friends.  Why wasn't He going right away?  The only thing He said to them was that Lazarus' sickness wasn't going to be his death...but that the Son of God would be glorified.  What did that mean?
By the time they arrived, Lazarus had been dead for four days.  Martha and Mary were devastated.  They were inconsolable.  Jesus was so moved, He wept.  But then He did a strange thing.  He went to the tomb where Lazarus was and told them to move the stone. They couldn't have heard Him right.  The smell would be horrific!  But they did as He asked. And then Jesus did something even stranger.
He spoke to the open tomb.
And you know what?
He did.
Lazarus came walking out of the tomb, still wrapped in the burial clothes.
The people were overwhelmed.  How could this be?  Jesus raised him from the dead!  Surely this was no mere man.  He had mentioned the words 'Son of God'.  Could it be?  Many people believed in Jesus, after that.

The disciples didn't understand why Jesus waited.  They thought He loved them.  That isn't love to see them suffer like that!  Isn't that how we are sometimes?  We don't understand why God does what He does.  Why do I have to wait?  I want it now!  We wonder and tell Him, "If you really loved me, You would ___"  We don't realize that in the waiting, we learn patience.  We learn to trust Him when we have nowhere else to turn.  We weep and cry, and reluctantly we roll away the stone.  Even though we're sure there's disaster behind it...we roll it anyway.  And there we find the Glory of God.  Why?  So that the Son of God will be glorified.

In the past two years or so, I have asked, "Why" and "When" countless times.  All paths have led to this destination.  This surgeon.  What is the outcome?  Only My Heavenly Father knows; but I do know this.  He will be Glorified.  He already has, actually.  For I know without a doubt that He loves me and that this is part of His Plan for my life.  There will be pain involved, but ultimately it will lead to my healing.  God may show Himself with surgery option one or two...or even its the third, more difficult one.  Either way, He is saving my life.  

To God be the Glory.

John 11:4   "And Jesus said, "This sickness is not to end in death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified in it."

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