Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Riding Shotgun

I call shotgun! Since I can't drive, that's the way it is.  I get to be the co-pilot; the sidekick; the partner; the support system.  With my husband and my friends, that seems to be the pattern.  It may seem less than satisfying to some, but I don't mind...I'm in pretty good company!

See if these names bring a sidekick to mind:

Fred and _______
Laverne and _______
Lucy and _______
Andy and _________
Tom and ________
Batman and ________
Sonny and _____

In the rules of kickdom, the sides always support their partner....they do what they can to lift them up, and encourage them.  Their job is to help bring out the best in them.

Do you ride shotgun?  Did you know the Bible encourages us to be a sidekick?  1 Thessalonians 5:11 tells us:  "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing."

So many people feel invisible.  They feel as if they do not make a difference.  Maybe their jobs are not in management, and they don't get to call all the shots.  Maybe their lives seem out of control, and they feel they have no voice as to what happens to them.

We may not always get to choose what happens to us, or where we're going...but we always have a choice on how we treat the people that God places in our paths.  The people that He gives us to partner with in day to day activity...whether that be family members or co-workers.  We are all called to be encouragers.  We are supposed to hold each other up and bring out the best in people.  We are called to be a sidekick.

So when you feel like you are an Ethel and want to be a Lucy....remember...Lucy would not be as funny without Ethel; Fred would be nothing without Barney (how many of you thought "Ginger"?) ;)  Laverne only lasted one season without Shirley; Andy would be lost without  Barney (no relation to the previous Barney);  Tom would be chasing his tail without Jerry; Batman would be half a superhero without Robin; and Sonny without Cher? saw what happened there.

Ride shotgun....encourage someone in Jesus' name today!!

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