Thursday, March 28, 2013

Thursday: A Supper, a Servant, and a Supplication


I'm so tired.  So many things have occurred today.  Early this morning, the Master told a couple of  us to go and get a room ready for the Passover meal.  We obeyed, and this evening we began the meal, as we do every year...but then some very unusual things happened.

We were all eating, and all of a sudden Jesus stopped.  He stood up and put a towel around His waist.  He took a basin of water, and one by one went around and began to wash our feet!  He was acting like...our servant!  But...He was JESUS!  Our Master!  Washing our feet??  When He got to me, I refused.  I told Him was I that should be washing His feet!  Then He told me that if I didn't allow Him to do this...I didn't belong to Him.  Horrified I said, "Then don't just wash my feet, wash my hands and head, as well!"  He said that He was doing this to teach us that we were not to think of ourselves more important than each other, and we should serve each other.  I guess we do tend to argue about which one of us is the most significant.  But, in that one demonstration...He finally answered the question.  None of us.

He sat back down and seemed troubled.  He then announced, "One of you will betray me, tonight."  What was He talking about?  Betray?  Who would do such a thing?  One by one, we began to ask, "Is it I?'  He said, "I'm telling you, one of you, who is sitting here at the table with Me, will be the one."  He then whispered something to Judas...and he left.  I still don't know where he went...come to think of it, he never came back....

We then began the breaking of the unleavened bread.  But this was different.  Jesus broke it and stated that the bread was His Body, which was broken for us.  Broken body??  He told us to eat it...and we obeyed.

He then took the cup of wine, and declared that it was now the cup of His Blood, which is shed for all people.  Take it and drink.  BLOOD?  What in the world was He talking about?  We again, did as He asked.

After the meal, I kept thinking about all of this sad and morbid talk.  Lately, Jesus had been talking about dying.  I know the authorities were not happy with Him.  Maybe He was afraid.  Maybe Jesus thought we would all abandon Him.  So after the meal, I went over to where He was sitting.  I wanted to talk to Him, privately.  I told Jesus, "Even if everyone leaves you, I would NEVER leave You, Lord!"   He told me that before the night was over, I would deny Him three times.  The thought of that happening turned my stomach.  Sure, I'm kind of a hothead...I tend to react on impulse...but deny Jesus?  Never!!

Then the Master told us He wanted us to go with Him to the garden to pray.  He seemed so upset. We followed Him to the Garden of Gethsemene.  He told John, James and I to go off with Him, away from the others.  Jesus knelt and prayed.  He prayed for us, and for those who would believe in Him, in the future.  He then started to pray something about having a cup pass from Him, but not His will, but the Father's...I'm not exactly sure, because, like the others, I fell asleep.  Jesus woke us up, and seemed upset that we were sleeping.  That happened a couple of times.  We're trying to stay awake, but it's so hard....


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