Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Avocado Tree


You never know what kind of a crop you will have.
Our avocado tree was so full of produce this year, it broke two huge branches long before the fruit could ripen.  We lost over 200 of them.  It wasn't the tree's fault...it simply did what it was made to do...it just made avocados!!  Although the fruit was beautiful to look at...it didn't last, because some of the branches were too weak to sustain it.

I'm sure Jesus was aware of weak branches.  In the Gospel of John, He told the disciples that He was the vine, and we are the branches.  He said that if we remained in Him, we would bear much fruit...for without Him we can do nothing. He said that our fruit will not only be good...but that it will abide...it will last.  The fruit will not be gone tomorrow.  It will leave a lasting legacy.  That is IF we are rooted in Him.

 If we are not, if we are superficial and self indulgent, our results will show this.   It will be like the weak branch that held the avocados...it couldn't hold up under the weight of the fruit. How often do we begin to bear fruit and then buckle under the pressure of the committment? Does our fruit look good on the outside, but is unable to be used because we weren't grounded enough to give it sustenance?

It's time to cultivate your faith.  Prune it from self.  Weed it of the thorns of laziness and apathy. Feed it with the Word of God and water it with prayer.  Then watch the fruit blossom and give nourishment to others and yourself...for now and for years to come.

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