Friday, April 8, 2011

At The Master's Feet

     As I sit here on the computer, I begin to feel their furry presence.  Softly padding over my slippers Chloe, my 2 year old Yorkie curls herself between my feet.  Marley, our 1 year old Maltipoo takes his position on the outside of my foot, resting against my ankle.  They snooze, content with just being near me.

     They bring to my mind the Bible story of Jesus visiting his friends, Martha and Mary. They were sisters, and as siblings go, very different from one another.  Martha was a Type A personality...high strung and task-oriented.  Mary was the classic Type B- easy going and laid back.
Martha was busy, making her guest feel welcome.  She was probably cooking like Paula Deen on steroids, still tired from cleaning and making sure everything was in proper order.  Her mind was surely filled with a million things that had to be done.  Where was Mary, her less-than-helpful sister?  Couldn't she SEE that Martha was overworked?  She had given enough hints, sighing loudly, and cleaning right in front of her!  She had banged the pots and pans in the kitchen, loud enough for her sister to hear, and surely come running to assist her!!   But, Mary to be found.  Martha walked brisquely into the room where Jesus was sitting, and there her good for nothing sibling was...sitting ON THE FLOOR at the Masters feet!!!  How DARE her!!!  Didn't she CARE that Martha had to do EVERYTHING on her own?  Didn't Jesus care??  She had had enough.  Martha's stress level was over the top...she had to ask, "Lord, Don't you care that my sister has left me to do all of the work?  Tell her to help me!!!"
     Jesus had a reaction that surprised Martha.  She expected him to chastise Mary for her laziness.  Inside she waited with smug satisfaction to see her sister be scolded by the Master!  Instead, he said, "Martha, Martha!!!  You are worrying about so many things!  Only one thing is necessary...Mary has chosen the better part!  It shall not be taken away from her!" (Story found in Luke 10.)
     The story ends there.  I wonder what happened next.  Martha was surely disappointed that Jesus didn't take her side.  Perhaps later she meditated on the situation.  Maybe she realized that she didn't have to be so concerned about the little things that don't really matter a lot, in the end.  She didn't have to 'sweat the small stuff'.  Maybe Mary had the right idea....listening to Jesus' words and putting them into practice was the better thing to do.  (She probably didn't tell her sister that she was right!) 
     The words of Jesus, if taken to heart, will not be taken away.  They will plant themselves deep into the heart, and flow through the person, like blood flows through the body.  The teachings of Christ will become as second nature to the individual, fueled by the Holy Spirit of God.
     How often do I lose track of what the most important thing is?  How often do I focus on the little things that don't matter.  It is much better to be content, like my puppies, to sit at my Master's Feet, and dwell in His Presence and His Word.

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