Friday, May 15, 2015

Unexpected Comings and Goings


Even though I think of myself as a pretty flexible person, I tend to plan my life around a calendar. This or that is happening this week; later on this month I have to do this thing; in a few months I can look forward to this event happening; my husband will be retiring in a few years… You get the picture. Like I said, I'm pretty flexible. If plans get changed, I don't tend to get bent out of shape. But in the course of three weeks, I learned just how little control I have over the course of circumstances in my life.

On April 19th, we received the news that my brother John, who lived in SC, passed away suddenly due to a sudden and tragic accident. He had no idea that when he woke up that morning, that this was going to be his last day on earth. Thankfully, he was prepared. He had given his life over to Jesus and he knew where he was going when that time came. But for those of us who loved him, we wrestled with “What if….” You can never know for certain how long a loved one will be with you.

Almost three weeks later, we were again faced with an unprepared 'exit' of sorts. My son and daughter in love were getting ready for the birth of their second child, a son. According to the doctors, he was due to arrive right before his sister's first birthday in June. On May 1st, Sherry's water broke, and by 10:30 that evening, they knew it was time for him to be born. Coming in at 4 lbs 14 oz, Aiden was a perfect, tiny little baby boy. When his parents woke up that morning, they had no idea they would be looking at the face of their son that night. Thankfully, they were prepared. They had all of the essential items they would need for his arrival, when that time came. That being said, we couldn't help but wonder, “What if....” You can never know for certain when a baby will arrive.

Timing. God's Perfect Timing. Although we don't know when events will occur, God does.

Thousands of years ago, God's people waited for their Messiah. They didn't know when he would come, but they waited and hoped…and prayed. Many, many years later, a tiny baby boy was born in the middle of a small and unassuming town. No one anticipated that the birth of this child Jesus, would make a difference in anyone's life. But God knew.

Thirty three years later, that now grown Jesus was walking up a hill, dragging a beam. He was then crucified and died on a cross. No one anticipated that the death of this man would make a difference in anyone's life. But God knew.

Three days later, three women went to a tomb to prepare his body for burial. They didn't anticipate that He would no longer be there, and was in fact, alive. They didn't know that this one event would forever change history and the course of countless people's lives. But God knew.

God was not surprised when that baby was born in a Bethlehem stall. It was His time.

God was not surprised when Jesus was crucified, died and arose from the dead. It was His time.

God was not surprised when my brother died that night. It was his time.

God was not surprised when little Aiden was born a month before he was anticipated. It was his time.

Although we may never understand the 'why' of certain events, we can find comfort in the fact that God does have it all under control, and He is waiting to comfort us in our grief. He is waiting to calm us when unforeseen circumstances occur. And He is waiting to celebrate with us when we receive unexpected gifts. God is good all the time and all the time, God is good.

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