Friday, July 22, 2011

You Can't Outgive the Giver


Check out this story of a young boy who was trying to catch a fly ball at an Arizona Diamondback's baseball game.  He apparently had it, but dropped it.  It was inadvertedly given to another boy.  This boy, Ian was so excited to have the ball.  That is...until he was told that it had originally been caught by the younger little boy named Nicholas..  Without missing a beat, the older boy went down the stairs, and handed the beloved ball to the crestfallen fan.  He didn't bat an eye (no pun intended ) and gave the ball to the one it belonged to.
Now it's an amazing story on it's own...but there is a twist.  All of this was done, under the eye of a TV camera, who happened to be filming at the time.  He had no idea that the camera was on him; that commentators were talking about his actions and giving a blow by blow description of his kindness to a stranger on live TV.  The announcers were so amazed that they sent for the boy to go to their booth.  There awaiting him was a 'contract' which consisted of 4 baseball tickets and a signed baseball bat from his favorite player, Justin Upton.  The boy was clearly shocked that people were making a big deal of his honesty and integrity.  He did the right thing.
Ian did not go to the game that day expecting to be rewarded for his deeds.  He was excited to get the ball, but when he saw the heartbroken Nicholas, he gave the ball to him out of the goodness of his heart.  He could have been selfish, and kept the ball.  After all...he didn't know Nicholas personally.  Who would care?  The kid would get over it.  Life isn't fair, sometimes.  And unbeknownst to him...the cameras would be rolling. 
Instead, he gave...and he was given MORE than the just a baseball.  He was given much more than he could have dreamed of.  And the cameras were rolling.
What would the cameras see if they were filming YOUR life?  What does God see when He sees YOUR life?  Are you selfish and self centered...always looking out for the bottom line..what is good for you?  Or do you look around and see how you can bless others?  Do you see how you can give to others without expecting praise or something in return?  You will find that God will bless you more than you can imagine, when you do.  You cannot outgive God.  He will reward your good deeds with unexpected blessings.  As a good Father who wants to give good things to His children, He will in turn bless you.  Will your life be a bed of roses?  No.  But He sees you, and will be pleased.  And really, that's all that matters.

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